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What do I need?

The qualities that make a great police officer

What you should bring

The Edmonton Police Service hires people from all backgrounds, education, experiences and much more. Edmonton is a growing, diverse city and the individuals we hire reflect the dynamic and ever changing needs of its population. While we celebrate the differences of our (over 2,000) police officers, we are united by working together to achieve our strategic vision today, and onward.

We encourage applications from anyone who has what it takes. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, faith or language spoken. We are looking for the best people for the career. What makes you unique, makes you an individual with different ideas, perspectives, experience and more; bring who you are. 

Above all else, you'll want to help people. You are driven by a sense of community, compassion and service to others. You are motivated to inspire those around you, instill confidence in others, make tough choices, challenge yourself, and reflect a positive attitude that upholds the values of the Edmonton Police Service.

This role can influence the lives of many; should you decide to apply, our recruitment constables are here to check for some qualities you should have: 

  • Reflect our values of: Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Innovation, Courage and Community

  • Display compassion and empathy toward others

  • Keep a positive attitude 

  • Display leadership and concise decision making

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Have good interpersonal & communication skills 

  • Be flexible and adaptable 

  • Be a team player

Additional minimum requirements

  • Grade 12 diploma or equivalent.

  • Canadian citizenship or legal permanent residence (certificate of citizenship and/or birth certificate or permanent resident documentation).

  • Valid Alberta Class 5 driver's licence (graduated driver's licence is not acceptable). 
    Good driving record (maximum of five demerits). Must be comfortable operating a vehicle in busy driving conditions.

  • Good written and verbal skills. Written communication testing will be included in the selection process.

  • Certificate in standard first aid (must be a minimum 16-hour course, approved through Provincial Occupational Health and Safety. Certificate must be issued within one year prior to the date of application. Re-qualification may be necessary for some components after one year).

  • A current “Level C” certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (must have standards equivalent to those of the Canadian/American Heart and Stroke Foundation. Verify with the training agency that a CPR certification is included in the first aid certification).

  • Excellent health with no impeding conditions.

  • Physical condition - ensuring you are prepared to pass the physical readiness evaluation is a component of the process. Learn more on fitness requirements and the programs and resources we offer to help you along the way.

  • Character - your values must align with those of the Edmonton Police Service. 

  • View full requirements and access to forms

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