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Patrol & Frontline Response

These operational units provide first response to Edmonton's communities

Patrol Constable

Your career starts here. All new EPS Recruits serve as a constable within one of Edmonton's six operational branches after recruit training.

Once training is complete, graduates are assigned to a patrol squad within one of six operational branches. Members in patrol are the first to respond to all incidents and investigate a large variety of both criminal and non-criminal activity.


Patrol members are typically assigned to a district within their branch, which allows them to learn what problems face that particular community. This also ensures that resources are spread throughout the city in order to respond to emergency complaints efficiently and effectively. Patrol officers learn a variety of fundamentals that prepare their career for placement into other units and roles.

Neighbourhood Foot Patrol

Imagine helping to maintain social order, keep the peace, prevent crime, respond to the community’s needs and address matters of public safety — all by car, bike or on foot!

Officers in Neighbourhood Foot Patrol are assigned to areas throughout the city (their “beat”). They work strictly within their communities, establishing relationships with community members to resolve issues and develop strategies to rid areas of crime, address disorder and provide service.

EPS constables can apply for a position within Neighbourhood Foot Patrol after completing approximately three to five years of service.

Traffic Section

Like other jobs within the service, Traffic Section police officers never see the same day twice. An average shift might consist of investigating a serious collision, providing traffic control at the scene of a major criminal investigation, or doing traffic enforcement.


If you like variety in your career, you’ll find it here.

Police officers working in Traffic Section bring several years of experience to the job and are responsible for such areas as:

  • hit and runs

  • traffic safety education

  • integrated enforcement squads

  • Strategic traffic operations

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit

  • Specialized Traffic Operations Unit (Intoxilyzer and breath testing/photo radar and red light camera)

EPS members with approximately five years of service and an interest in traffic enforcement and investigation can apply and compete for positions within the Traffic Section. Traffic Section members must be self-motivated, work independently, investigate complex files, and have knowledge of the Traffic Safety Act.

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