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Stories from those who serve.

Meet Brett.

Constable Brett Earley has been a police officer with the EPS for over twelve years. When asked why he wanted to become a police officer Brett says: “For two reasons. One. I am a big comic book, and super hero fan and figured this was a great option due to my lack of actual super powers”.


“Two. My house was broken into when I was a child, having my Super Nintendo stolen and then being told that there was nothing the police could do to find it. I didn’t like how the message was delivered and the feeling of being helpless to get my property back. I wanted to find it and didn’t want anyone to feel the same way I did. That always stuck with me. Like my fav super heroes, I knew I could try helping others”. 


"Having worked in various roles in patrol, dispatch and currently the Community Engagement Team. I’ve been enjoying being a part of the Community Engagement Team the most. It’s a really positive atmosphere” says Brett.

When asked about some advice for new applicants, Brett says, “it’s a very rewarding career. You start with recruit training and that is tough, but it builds great character and sets you up. There are many avenues you can explore on the job that lead to rewarding work. It might take you somewhere unexpected”. 

When Brett isn’t at work, he is “a top notch dad, a die hard wrestling fan, enjoyer of all things pop culture, toy collector, figure (toy) photographer (it’s a growing community!), and avid board gamer."

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I 'didn't like the feeling of being helpless. 
I didn't want anyone to feel the same way
I did, that always stuck with me.



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