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Leadership Roles & More

A career with EPS offers room to grow - promoted positions provide leadership across all areas of the service

Shoulder flashes are worn as part of the EPS uniform, identifying an officers rank within the service.

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Sergeant / Detective

Staff Sergeant

Promoted Ranks

Every new EPS recruit begins their career in a Patrol Constable role. After a specified number of service years (2-4 on average) constables may apply for different roles that develop experience and work toward your personal interests and career goals.

The EPS offers an annual promotion process where members apply on promoted ranks including:


  • Sergeant / Detective

  • Staff Sergeant

These promoted ranks are offered across every unit of the organization as they become available. The process ensures all members are provided with the tools needed to advance their careers.


The Edmonton Police Service consists of multiple bureaus - each one focussing on a specific area of policing. Leadership roles are occupied by both sworn, and civilian members who display exemplary career achievement to lead the operational and strategic objectives of the service. 

These positions do not fall under the regular promotion process.

Learn more about the governance and leadership of the EPS.



A common type of position often portrayed in pop-culture include officers in investigative style positions. In reality, all EPS Officers utilize some level of investigative work from day 1 of their careers.

Police Officers in Patrol Constable roles are required to use analytical, critical and applied thinking to respond and provide service to all front-line calls they receive. 

Promoted Ranks in a Detective role or above often occupy specific work for a speciality unit, like Economic Crimes or Organized Crime. These units require promoted officers to lead complex investigative work that may require cooperation from other law enforcement agencies.

These positions are offered as they become available, and after an officer has been promoted to a rank of Sergeant / Detective or above.

Civilian Positions (non-sworn)

Civilian roles support the strategic and operational needs of sworn Police Officers at the EPS. Civilian roles include positions across a wide range of business and unit functions including: 

  • Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Management & Strategy

  • Information Technology

  • And much more

Civilian roles are separate from applying to be a police officer with

the EPS. All Civilian roles are posted on the City of Edmonton Careers page.

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