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Career options

Where a Police career can take you

Explore a few different units and types of police work that support the daily and strategic operations of the EPS.  With over 100 different positions available, we have a career path for you.

Patrol & Frontline Response

Your career starts here. All new EPS Recruits serve as a constable within one of Edmonton's six operational branches

No two days will be the same as you respond to a wide range of needs from the communities in Edmonton. Patrol is provided support from other units in specialty roles to fulfill the operational needs of the service, ensuring you have the tools to do your job effectively.

Community & Prevention

EPS follows a community policing approach to both prevent, address and reduce crime and disorder.

Working closely with community groups, EPS officers in these roles provide service to support and enhance programs, partnerships and operational requirements of the EPS. 


Specialized Units 

Supporting patrol officers across all six branches in the city, specialist units provide their unique training, skills, expertise and back-up support at any given time, at any given location. 

EPS officers in these units include Canine, Child Protection, Flight Ops, Tactical, Crime Scene Investigations, Search & Rescue, Extra Duty detail, Indigenous relations, Police Communications and more. 


Leadership Roles & More

The EPS provides leadership opportunities in a variety of exciting and challenging roles. An annual promotion process encourages advancement for police officers wishing to advance their careers. Officers that have been promoted oversee leadership roles across every unit within the EPS. 

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