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We're hiring the next generation
of police officers

We're looking for compassionate, community-minded leaders that reflect the
diverse communities of Edmonton and values of the EPS. Join us, we're hiring.

Our Values

Our Values

A connection to community

With over a million residents, EPS Officers work closely with Edmonton's diverse communities to strengthen public trust

A passion for service and safety

Dedicated to protect. Proud to serve.
These are guiding principles EPS officers strive to provide Edmontonians around
the clock, everyday. 

A helping hand

EPS Officers are trained to provide
service with compassion; understanding Edmonton's unique community needs


Doing the right things, for the right reasons. Ensuring every action and decision reflect the values of the Edmonton Police Service both internally and externally. Our actions strive to uphold the trust we build and strengthen with the communities and people we serve. 


Striving to pursue excellence through creative approaches. We aim to utilize current technologies, equipment, and collective skill sets to best serve our communities.


Holding responsibility for our decisions and actions. Ensuring we know our role, pledged to serve Edmonton to the best of our ability. We strive to always act in the best interest of our collective goals.


Maintaining strength in the face of challenge. Our members display psychological and physical resilience to answer the call of service to Edmonton, everyday.


Treating others as we would like to be treated. Showing compassion through service ensures others are treated equally and without judgement.


Respecting and honouring the diverse communities we serve. We are driven by a community-policing model and strive to achieve a safe, vibrant city through relationships with the communities we serve.

Career Overview


Can I become a Police Officer?

We're interested in what you can bring to the Edmonton Police Service. Discover what it takes to join the EPS.


About the Career

Explore career options with dozens of roles across multiple units. Utilize and develop your skills helping people, everyday.


Recruiting Programs

We offer unique programs designed to assist and mentor applicants interested in a policing career.

Career Overview
The Basics

Recruiting Basics

Requirements of an EPS Officer

We have expectations of who is selected to become the next generation of police officers serving Edmonton. Our members must display a high degree of personal integrity, sound judgement, intelligence, decision making, maturity, common sense and much more. The EPS has six core values: Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Innovation, Courage and Community. EPS officers embody these traits and guide the foundations of being a successful EPS officer.

and Knowledge

EPS provides the required tools and training to ensure new recruits are equipped for recruit training. Effective police officers are constantly learning and improving their skill-sets to improve the service they can provide the citizens of Edmonton. We offer continued education options for police officers.


Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential to ensure both your mental and physical health is in check. Looking after yourself ensures you are best prepared to handle the changing demands of a policing career. EPS provides police officers with the resources needed to ensure you are prepared for both the mental and physical requirements of a policing career. 


Every new EPS officer begins their career in patrol. Police officers work in shift rotations and may include anywhere from 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts rotating between days and nights. These are set schedules that come as an expectation of the job.

and Benefits

The Edmonton Police Service offers a competitive salary starting at $71,195 from day one of training. We offer comprehensive extended health benefits, health spending, flexible work arrangements, vacation and more. A policing career offers room for advancement into leadership roles and more.

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12 diploma or equivalent.

  • Canadian citizenship or legal permanent residence (certificate of citizenship and/or birth certificate or permanent resident documentation)

  • Valid Alberta Class 5 driver's licence (graduated driver's licence is not acceptable) 
    Good driving record (maximum of five demerits). Must be comfortable operating a vehicle in busy driving conditions

  • Good written and verbal skills. Written communication testing will be included in the selection process

  • Certificate in standard first aid (must be a minimum 16-hour course, approved through Provincial Occupational Health and Safety. Certificate must be issued within one year prior to the date of application. Re-qualification may be necessary for some components after one year)

  • A current “Level C” certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (must have standards equivalent to those of the Canadian/American Heart and Stroke Foundation. Verify with the training agency that a CPR certification is included in the first aid certification).

  • Excellent health 

  • Physical condition - ensuring you are prepared to pass the physical readiness evaluation is a component of the process.

  • Character - your values must align with those of the Edmonton Police Service. 

  • View full requirements and access to forms  (Please note: forms from other agencies are not accepted. Please use forms provided by the EPS)

Application Process

The Edmonton Police Service follows a detailed, eight stage process that is designed to help identify and select the most qualified applicants to become Edmonton's newest police officers.
From start to finish, the process may take two to four months to complete.

Application Process

Our commitment
to the future of policing

Community Connection

EPS is driven to deliver community based policing through multiple programs, services and initiatives

Service and Safety

EPS officers are dedicated to protect and proud to serve the public by addressing crime, harm and disorder

A Helping Hand

EPS is dedicated to provide equitable service with compassion, understanding and transparency

Our Commitment
Officer Profiles

Stories from those who serve.

Meet a few Edmonton Police Officers. They come from different cities, speak different languages and have different reasons for joining. Collectively, their aligned values serve the diverse communities of Edmonton, everyday.

Learn more on who we're hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions


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